Hi there‚ I’m Kenny Sutherland

I’m a passionate software engineer and freelancer from Kingston‚ Jamaica․ As I enjoy building extraordinary and user-friendly web applications‚ I thrive on acquiring new knowledge and solving unique challenges․

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About Me

In 2011, during my early teens, I wrote my first lines of code in C after teaching myself the fundamentals of the language. Since then, I've been tinkering with various technologies before ultimately deciding to focus mainly on web development.

My current set of skills encompasses a broad range of languages and tools such as TypeScript, React.js, Next.js, Express.js, SvelteKit, Node.js, Python, Postgres, Tailwind, etc. But my primary specialization is on the front-end due to my enthusiasm for interaction design and development.

React.js is my preferred tool of choice for crafting maintainable, scalable, solid and accessible user Interfaces. I consider myself to be a lifelong learner as I remain optimistic about the future ahead.

You can read about my professional experience and the technologies I've worked with here.

  • Mobile–First Design
  • Fully Responsive
  • Pixel–Perfect
  • Accessible
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Test-Driven

Personal Projects

Jones Store (Jordan Ones) poster image
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Jones Store (Jordan Ones)

Built with Next.js & TypeScript, Jones is an e-commerce website for purchasing Nike Jordan Ones. The site allows users to search and filter through the inventory of shoes, add shoes to their cart or wishlist and purchase shoes through Stripe's payment gateway. Users may also log in through password authentication, and Admin users are granted access to protected routes for managing the inventory of shoes (powered by Prisma & PostgreSQL.)

next.jstypescriptiron sessionyuppostgresqlprismacloudinarystripesassbemprettiergithub actionsadobe photoshopgoogle analyticspostman
Quiz Wrld poster image
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Quiz Wrld

QuizWrld is a Fullstack MERN application for creating, completing and sharing quizzes. Authenticated users can create multiple-choice quizzes with an optional time limit. Quizzes can be categorized or assigned tags for quick search and filtering (thanks to Redux Toolkit & RTK Query). Users may also add quizzes to their likes and follow other users. (May take a while to load)

typescriptreactreduxrtk queryreact hook formreact routerchakra uireact helmetframerjesttesting libraryexpresspassportmongodbmongoosemochasupertestauth0cloudinaryd3.js
AQ Earth poster image
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AQ Earth

AQ Earth is a 3D data visualization of the world's air quality data. You can click a random location on the globe to view details about the air quality surrounding that coordinate. Details include information about the air quality index(AQI) and graphs depicting daily historical data about the concentration of certain pollutants in the air. Data on the globe are also colour-coded to indicate the degree of hazardous particulates around a region.

SaaS Landing Page poster image
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SaaS Landing Page

A landing page built with Next.js 13 of a design I found for a concept SaaS/Startup company.

next.jsfigmatailwind csstypescript

Professional Experience

You can also view my Résumé or LinkedIn

  • Paphus Solutions

    Software Developer

  • Fiverr (Freelance)

    3D Artist, Programmer

  • The Gleaner

    Jr. Research Asst.



  • Paphus Solutions logo

    Software DeveloperPaphus Solutions

    May 2021 – June 2023 • Canada (Remote)

    • As a full stack developer, I independently made routine frontend and backend improvements to the Bot Libre website.
    • Implemented website features on the backend in Java Servlets and interfaced with PostgreSQL database.
    • Add payment integration to our avatar checkout page using Paypal API.
    • Upheld agreed-upon coding conventions and standards in the codebase (as stipulated in the company style guide).
    • Modernized various aspects of the website's UI/UX and manually tested features across several browsers to ensure cross-compatibility.


From fiverr.com


United States flagUnited States

Great communication and easy to work with. Reliable and efficient in his work.


Italy flagItaly

I am totally satisfied with Vector's work. He didn't draw back from the proposed challenge I gave him and being honest he accomplished more than other top rated and level 2 seller. I would love to keep working with him.


Canada flagCanada

Great developer. Very professional and technically capable.


United States flagUnited States

Very helpful, great communication and excellent results. I would highest suggest to anyone.


Sweden flagSweden

vektor3d was very flexible with our requirements and delivered a great work!


Portugal flagPortugal

Vektor3d did a great job with the JavaScript's RegEx I asked him to work on. It works exactly as intended. It took us a few revisions to get there, but they were all delivered quickly, and the communication was great! I truly recommend his services.

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I’m available for work‚ so reach out to me if you have an offer․ Also feel free to contact me if you have any questions‚ proposals or just want to say hi․